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Our Services

BYKA Group provides senior professional services spanning Banking, IT, Waste, Food, Construction, Manufacturing, Forestry, GIS, Education, and many other areas that support projects in difficult situations such as communications, power, and aquaculture in order to support the setting up of sustainable businesses that directly support local NGO’s and the community.

Where possible we create local businesses that benefit from our knowledge in order to mentor and train local workers and develop long term expertise. Local BYKA Group entities are created in order to maintain consistency and benefit. This also provides long term career path opportunities for those whom we are helping.

Please contact us if you are interested in our services or are interested in helping us setup a local firm to create jobs and community benefits.



IT Consulting Services & Software

Project/Program Management focused on banking projects.
Senior banking system consultants with global experience working for top banks, top consulting firms and global corporations. 

With our team of experts who have global experience spanning numerous industries and skills from regulatory to sale as well as complex systems development and implementation our team is providing:

  • Payment solutions that support the poor
  • Authentication, audit and reporting.

Food Supply

BYKA Group works directly with food producers in order to supply social projects directly and create small enterprises that can earn larger profits.


Intense Food Production

African Food Systems 
We combine a number of disciplines to setup food growing systems that are intensive, consume low amounts of water, can be off grid and create organic fertilizer locally.







Project /
Program Development


Disaster Recovery /
Business Continuity


BYKA Business and Revenue Development