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BYKA Starts Work in Congo

December 2014 - After years of work looking to start sustainable projects that help people in the Democratic Republic of Congo BYKA Group has started a project in Goma city located on the northern shore of Lake Kivu, next to the Rwandan city of Gisenyi. Working to create jobs and aid for a youth organization called AJVDC Youth Group Goma DRC we have setup the booking/referral software called Click4Time with the cooperation of Dr Emery Ebele and Hopital de Kyeshero. AJVDC will train youth who then are hired by a sustainable business run by BYKA Group which in turn supports the community and region. There is the need for funds to conduct training, buy computers and setup a group who will provide system support, training, data entry and aid to other NGO's and small businesses. This project is part of a bigger African wide campaign to connect international experts directly to those in need.