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Connecting Dr's World Wide


BYKA Group is now offering the award winning Click4Time booking system to its partners in Africa, Philippines, India, Nepal and several other countries. The system will help foreign doctors provide help and BYKA will be able to gather information for those NGO's wanting to provide services but need detailed information sent to agencies. The many benefits include:

  • free use by NGO's
  • ability to book appointments without having to lookup time zones
  • ability to record demand before doctors arrive to provide aid
  • direct access to proven professionals
  • detailed reporting of actual numbers of people helped

Doctors can use this system to refer patients to specialists, clinics can manage client appointments and show demand, small businesses can increase the amount of business improve customer satisfaction and prevent booking mistakes, aid groups can organize resources from around the world.

Contact BYKA Group with your need or if you are a doctor or professional who wishes to help provide a service, solution, or product that will help. 

Review the system at  and contact us for information on how you can help or get help.

Need Help? Want to know more?

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